Furniture Packs

Furniture packages to add value

Gold furniture pack from £3,295 + VAT

Reach your property’s full potential with our range of furniture packs. Our Gold packages include high-quality furniture and accessories that can boost your rental income and property value. 
Carefully considered furnishings and fabrics work together to enhance neutral decors while making use of natural light. Whether you’re a Letting agent or homeowner, our gold packages come in different colour schemes and sizes to suit your property. 
As part of the service, our designers and installation team arrive to transform your space into a fully marketable rental or sales investment.
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Diamond furniture pack from £5,595 + VAT

A comprehensive, high-end interior design solution, our Diamond packages provide a premium aesthetic that is guaranteed to lend an unmistakable air of exclusivity to any property. 
Accessories, soft furnishings and various types of artwork are all painstakingly hand-picked and sourced and curated into fuss-free furniture packs that go the extra mile. An opulent distinction is achieved through meticulous attention that provides an upper edge over neighbouring properties, ideal for letting agents, or homeowners looking to sell their property. 
A luxury lifestyle is promised not only through the exterior, but the interior too – the latter of which you can leave in the safety of our skilful senior designers.
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