Resident Gym

Welcome to your Stratford Village Fitness Club

The Stratford Village Experience

As a member of your Stratford Village Fitness Club, you get access to a beautifully designed club space, studio and Wexer virtual class sessions and some of the best fitness equipment on the market.
We are also working with our expert Fitness partner - Moksha Movements, to deliver your personal 121 fitness inductions, personal training and live classes.

There’s a few things you’ll need to know before you get started, like filling out your Health Commitment Statement and stuff. Once this is all completed and confirmed by the Concierge you can quickly and easily book your session.

Just check-in with your Concierge Hub if you have any questions.
 We can’t wait to welcome you in.

Terms of use for the Gym

Welcome to Stratford Village. There’s lots of social space here at Stratford Village, that we hope you’ll use and enjoy.

Here’s a quick start guide to using the space before you get going:

Quick start guide:The Gym
Your well-being and that of our team is our priority, and we’ve been working hard tomake sure the gym is safe for all our residents and for our team operations
We are a member of UK Active ( and are following their advice and guidance framework for the UK’s Health & Fitness industry as well as the advice and guidance from the Government in the UK & Scotland
Opening Hours
  • The gym is open 7 days per week
  • Opening hours are:
  • Monday to Sunday 6am to 11pm 
  • The gym is closed 11am - 12pm & 4pm - 5pm daily for deep cleaning

The Health Commitment Statement
  • To start using the gym - just complete the Health Commitment Statement in the online resident’s hub – you won’t be able to use the gym without this so please do take the time to complete it as soon as you can

Gym Inductions
  • Gym inductions are available and are optional, but you must complete the Health Commitment Statement before you can use the gym for a gym induction 
  • You can book your gym induction session with our fitness partner Moksha Movements through the online residents’ hub 
  • Induction sessions cost £35 and are carried out by Moksha Movements qualified personal
training team
  • Moksha Movements team will help you familiarise yourself with the gym equipment and how to train safely

  • For now, the advice is not to hold classes, however we hope to be able to review this soon and we’ll keep you posted on this
Booking a gym session
  • Each session is one hour 
  • When you’re ready to start using the gym, you’ll need to book a workout session as a diary slot as we have to limit the number of people who can use the gym at any one time 
  • Our maximum number of bookable slots at Stratford Village are 5 in-line with the UK Active guidance framework and Government advice
  • At the moment you can book one session per day per person
  • You can book one hour of your planned workout session

Cancelling a booking
  • You can cancel your booking at any time – but please let us know as soon as possible so we can offer your booking to your fellow residents 

Social Distancing
  • It’s vital we continue to follow Government advice on social distancing, and we’ve put the
following measures in-place to help everyone stay safe:
  • There are 2-meter floor markings at the Gym entry and exit points
  • There are also 2-meter floor markings throughout the Gym
  • Where equipment is within 2 metres of each other, one piece will be marked as not in use to ensure social distancing
  • Pieces of equipment which can be moved, such as weights, are placed in clearly marked zones
  • If social distancing isn’t followed, we may have to review access to the gym, and we don’t want to be in that position, so please let’s help each other by following the guidance
  • As we currently must restrict the number of people using the gym, we’re giving priority to
  • residents and therefore guests are not permitted at this time – but as restrictions ease, we hope to be able to admit guests

Cleaning & using equipment safely
  • You should aim to work out for 45 minutes within your one hour booking and then allow yourself time to self-clean your equipment at the beginning and at the end of your session
  • It’s important that you only use your own selection of equipment and clean this down after
use for the next resident to use
  • Please don’t share any equipment at all
  • Hand sanitising stations and blue roll are available throughout the Gym, which we ask you to use during your workout and of course certainly at the beginning and end of your work out 
  • We ask that you clean each piece of equipment before and after use and allow time within
workout sessions to do this
  • Cleaning wipes are available for cleaning your equipment at the cleaning stations within
the gym
  • Please make sure you use the bins provided for disposing of cleaning wipes and other
similar items
  • In addition, we have a dedicated cleaning regime in operation throughout Gym opening
hours, with additional ‘deep cleans’ taking place outside these hours
  • Please don’t turn on any equipment that has an out of use sign on it - this means it has
been taken out of use and can’t be used as part of the social distancing measureskeeping you safe
  • If you would like to use a piece of equipment that has been taken out of use, let the Concierge team know after your session and they will discuss this with the City manager for you and for  consideration on a rotation basis for your next visit
  • Please only use the free weight equipment within the designated matted areas and follow
the signage in the gym
  • Please don’t move the weights around the gym floor

Attire, belongings, towels & water stations
  • You’ll need to come to your session wearing your workout kit as there are no changing
rooms at Stratford Village.
  • You can bring a very small bag to carry essentials like your phone / music, apartment
keys, and water bottle
  • Please keep your bag with you at all times and make sure it’s in a safe place where it won’t be a trip hazard to yourself or your neighbours 
  • Towels can’t be used in the gym at the moment so please use the blue roll provided, which you’ll need to put into the bin after you’ve used it
  • For now, the water fountain is not in use, so please remember to bring your own water bottle too so you can stay hydrated

Fire safety The fire doors must always be kept closed. In the unlikely event of a fire please make your exit from the fire door located in the weights section area. Walk out of the building, to the assembly point (XXXXX) First AidThe First Aid box is available XXXX